Why Become an MTA ACT Member?

Membership of the ACT Motor Trades Association benefits business owners on many levels to help you run your business efficiently and profitably.

Helping You Run Your Business

On a daily basis MTA ACT can help you and your staff with reliable advice on interpreting industry awards including pay rates, leave calculations, hiring and termination and WH&S.

We also help you understand rights and obligations under local and national law and codes and manage customer complaints and disagreements.

Being Your Voice to Government

Through using our contacts in local and national Government we can progress issues you raise that affect your business with people who have the power to improve the situation.

Influencing Legislation and Standards

Working with MTA Australia and politicians – we provide input into changes to legislation, codes, standards and awards to ensure they meet the needs of members’ businesses.

Promoting Your Business

MTA ACT will work to promote in the media the innovative ideas and successes of our members – drawing public attention to the great work of you and your employees.

Special Member-Only Deals on Supplies and Services

We are also able to use our connections within the market to negotiate some special deals for MTA ACT Members.

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