Motor Trades Association of the ACT

The ACT Motor Trades Association Ltd was established 40 years ago in 1974  by a group of committed motor traders.

They wanted to create an organisation to support members to run their businesses efficiently and cost-effectively and to be their voice with Government, key industry bodies, regulators and suppliers.

The Association has since grown and helped many members over the years to achieve their business goals and support and represent them to both Government and Corporate bodies.

Our Members

The members of MTA ACT include small and medium businesses  from across the diverse range of motor trades such as:

  • new and used motor vehicle dealers
  • new and used motorcycle dealers
  • mechanical engineers and repairers
  • panel and accident repairers
  • brake, tyre, muffler, steering specialists
  • motor vehicle parts dealers
  • car sound specialists
  • reconditioners
  • engine re-builders
  • transport companies

What MTA ACT Does?

The MTA ACT represents our members in the Automotive industry and provides a voice for them. The Association is made up of a Board of members all of whom have Automotive businesses and who voluntarily devote time and energy to the betterment of their industry and fellow members. Hence our Motto “For the Industry by the Industry” The MTA ACT is a voluntary organisation and works within and understands the challenges that ACT members face in running their businesses. The MTA ACT is a volunteer based not for profit organisation, when you call you will speak to someone who is also a business person and who has the experience and expertise to help you with your issues.

MTA ACT offers a full range of business assistance to members including:
Help with industrial relations and pay advice Advocating with Government and industry on behalf of members Negotiating and influencing Government legislation and policy Promoting the industry and the work of individual member businesses.

We also respond to inquiries from members of the public about what they can expect from MTA ACT member businesses and handle disputes between consumers and MTA ACT members.

Our Standards

MTA ACT members are committed to conducting business professionally and fairly.

All our members agree to adhere to industry standards and codes of practice.  Our members commit to the MTA ACT Statement of Business Principles.